Dr. Blip, Chief Promotional Officer

Dr. Blip is a continuous reminder to PC-Doctor’s people of the ever-growing role computers and mobile devices play in our lives and the importance of PC and Android health to a high-quality computing experience.

Derived from the visual rhythmic spike of an electrocardiogram, Dr. Blip works day in and out to personify our vision of confident computing and to drive the team to unsurpassed excellence as we develop the world’s best PC and Android health solutions.

He was born in 1993 and named Mr. Blip as PC-Doctor started business and began operations diagnosing hardware health.


PC-Doctor logo, circa 1993 to 2000

After contributing to PC-Doctor for seven years, Mr. Blip took a blip of his own and evolved into a more multidimensional “pill” form which, in software development terms, was overdue for a new build.


PC-Doctor logo, circa 2000 to 2004

In 2005 our software was completely re-written and dubbed “PC-Doctor 5”. The Mr. Blip that emerged from this overhaul was very well-rounded and confident, publicly declaring that he had long been “delivering confident computing”.


PC-Doctor logo, circa 2005 to 2007

In 2006, PC-Doctor bestowed an honorary Doctorate of Computer Science on Dr. Blip as he went through a unique metamorphosis and became a complete person. Finally with a body, he was one of us and was promoted to CPO (Chief Promotional Officer) and along with the serious aspect, also promotes the fun times working at PC-Doctor. He is known to pop up at social functions like company picnics. Later in 2008 in his most recent rendition, Dr. Blip took on a much cleaner, more sophisticated look, dawning the slogan of “The global leader in system health”. As of late, we hear he is pursuing a side job as an extra in Hollywood motion picture productions. Watch for him in your next flick.


PC-Doctor logo, circa 2008 to current