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Windows 10 is here…and Service Center 10 is ready!


Three things are clear: Technology changes quickly, technicians need tools to troubleshoot the latest systems, and PC-Doctor is ready to meet those needs.

Our newest release of Service Center supports Windows 10 all the way back to XP, as well as Android 5.1.1 and earlier. This major update provides support for newer technologies such as Intel Real Sense 3D Cameras and Near Field Communication (NFC) testing. Additionally, Windows memory and CPU testing has been expanded. All of this is available in four test environments (Windows, Android, Bootable, and DOS) to diagnose the latest desktops, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, and even Mac systems — all from a single USB key. Never has one tool made it easier to shorten system diagnostic time and reduce parts usage while testing systems on the bench, or on the go! Learn more at www.pcdservicecenter.com.

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Exciting PC-Doctor News & Summer Sales!

Windows 10 is here. Toolbox is ready.

Windows 10 is here, and we are ready! Our engineers have been hard at work on our newest version of PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows—now fully compatible with Windows 10. We are celebrating by offering 20% off your next Toolbox purchase now through the end of August, so it’s a great time to protect every system in your home. Whether upgrading your existing version of Windows or starting fresh, gain the peace of mind that your systems are healthy and running at their best.

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Free Toolbox Android Beta App!


You are one touch away from tools that will keep your Android device running smoothly! Monitoring your Android mobile phones and tablets has never been easier with the all new Toolbox Android app. Download the free beta app from the Google Play Store!

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