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9 Things Microsoft Could Do To Fix Windows 8.1


Let’s face it. Windows 8 and its refresh 8.1 have failed to reinvigorate the PC space. Not only are few users moving away from other touch-based platforms, but Microsoft has also alienated a large number of existing Windows users by making the OS less friendly to those who like their mouse and keyboard as the primary human-to-computer interfaces. Here are a few thing Microsoft could do to fix Windows 8.

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National Back Up Service (NBUS)


From time to time every great nation finds itself with difficult issues to resolve. In the past few months the United States has been confronted with the previously unacknowledged expansive data collection by the National Security Agency (NSA) that is characterized by some as excessive and in violation of the Constitution, and by others as necessary to combat the evils of this world.

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Don’t Let your PC Slow your Business


If you run a small business, or work from home, your PC is essential to your success. So having a PC that is well maintained and operates at maximum efficiency is very important. While it’s crucial to have solid anti-virus protection and spyware/malware protection programs installed on your PC, it’s also highly beneficial to have a program that can monitor and diagnose computer issues.

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Where is the PC Headed?


Another week, another set of weak PC sales numbers and correspondingly strong numbers for non-Windows tablets and phones.

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The Family PC Needs Support Too!


The family PC undergoes a lot of use and stresses. Parents and children often use their PC for work and school, surfing the Internet, gaming, watching videos and movies, etc. Yet sustained and continual use of a PC by multiple users can often tax a computer to the point where it can slow down and even fail long before its lifespan is supposed to end.

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