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Introducing Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox

The October 22nd Win 7 launch also was a first for the Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox, a new unified support and messaging application that ships on Think-branded systems. We’ve been the provider of diagnostics and other system health tools for Think systems since 1997.
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Windows 7 Beats Snow Leopard On Older Hardware Support

PCWorld – Got a four-year-old Mac? Forget the newest version of OS X; Apple’s Snow Leopard will only be supported on Intel CPUs. Got a PC from 2001? Windows 7 just might run on it. I tested a below-spec PC with the latest version of Windows and saw surprising results.
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Paving the Way For Premium Content

PCWorld – Paid content is the best hope of saving “the media” as we know it. The problem is killing all the free content first, or alternatively, breeding a new generation that understands content is often worth precisely what it costs you.
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Reassessing the Apple Tax

PCWorld – Macs are often criticized for the high price of their hardware. This so-called Apple tax is the premium that Apple computers usually cost over comparably equipped PCs. But since the company dropped prices on its laptop line yesterday, that difference is now smaller than ever.
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Microsoft’s Free Antivirus: Is This An Apology?

PCWorld – Who should know more about PC threats than the company whose software makes most of them possible? Is Microsoft’s upcoming, free anti-malware app the company’s way of apologizing to customers?
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