Author Topic: Thermal Cycle Issue  (Read 38 times)

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Recently I have had a problem with the video test, what happens is that when I run the test Thermal Cycle continues to loop without going to the next test.

Any suggestion why it is doing this.

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To begin, there are a few items that can be causing this issue. The Thermal Cycle test does include a set of parameters that can be modified, for example the cycle count will specify the number of times the test will heat up and cool down before completing the test. If the amount is set to a large number it will take a long amount of time before the test is completed.

I would recommend making sure the parameters are set to the default settings that is Animation Length: 180000, Cool Down Time: 60 and Cycle count: 10. It will also be recommend to run the Thermal Cycle test on its own without any other tests, to make sure it can complete the test on that device.

Please keep us updated and let me know if you have any questions.

Meliton P.