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I recentlly bought Service center 11.
I dont see a script to test the battery of a laptop or notebook. Is that correct? If not, could it be a sugestion to include it in future-updates?
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Our tests do include 2 options for battery diagnostics, in both Windows and Bootable. The two environments share the "BatteryLifeTest", which tests the current charge of the battery and returns results based on the percentage. The default parameters are set to return a 'Warning' when the battery is less than 50% charged, and return a 'Fail' when less than 25% charged. In our Bootable environment, we also include an AC test, which simply tests whether or not an AC adapter is plugged in and charging the laptop.

The battery tests we do have available are basic, and conforms to an industry standard that allows testing across a majority of products. With thousands of various laptop batteries available to the market at any given time, being able to test more specific capabilities proves to be quite difficult.

I'm curious where you are viewing the available test scripts. Assuming you are in the GUI and viewing the Diagnostics tab, or the Script Editor, and do not see an option for battery testing, there's a chance that your battery does not meet the conditions required in order to allow testing. If you haven't already checked through the GUI, I would begin there. Attempt to enumerate battery tests in both Windows and the Bootable environment. If you still are unable to find any options for battery testing I would suggest submitting a Support Ticket ( After sharing debug logs with us, we may be able to uncover more information as to why your battery does not populate any test options.

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Dan R.
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