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Hey John,

I've been doing some research into issues related to System Restore being reported properly inside Toolbox and I am unable to come upon any previous reported cases. My first suggestion would be to reinstall the Toolbox program and see if this has any effect on the issue.

If you no longer have the installation file for Toolbox that is no problem, I'd be more than happy to provide you with a download link.

What I would need you to do is file a Support Ticket within our support portal at

This may also be beneficial if you continue to see Toolbox incorrectly reporting any system information. If necessary you will be able to share detailed logs with me in order to analyze for any obvious issues.

Let me know,

-Dan R.
Its again saying system restore is disabled, no its not!
Reboot and its now OK! Somethings not communicating.

This is annoying its back again! >:(
PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows / Re: Oddities with version 7
« Last post by PCD_Dan on April 17, 2017, 07:33:42 AM »

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues with PC-Doctor Toolbox. Would you be so kind as to share some additional information related to this?

-Which anti-virus software are you running on your PC causing the Feedback link to return a virus warning?
-The CPU in your PC?
-Have you been able to check CPU temp in different programs as well such as you did with GPU temp?

Looking forward to your response,

Dan R.
PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows / Oddities with version 7
« Last post by NanoSeven on April 16, 2017, 12:15:41 AM »
I've been using PC-Doctor for quite some time and it's a great tool.
Two things that I've noticed with version 7 are:
1) When trying to send Feedback through the link at the bottom of the window, it's firing a virus warning, and...
2) When using it to monitor CPU/GPU temps, while the GPU temp is on the money when checking it across several different programs, the CPU temp is indicated at celsius but corresponds to fahrenheit temps.

I have indeed been presented with one other case of our Toolbox program stating Windows Update has not been run on the PC. This issue arose after the client had installed both KB4015438 and KB3150513. From what we were able to gather it does appear that a recent batch of Windows Updates will configure the update history differently, causing monitoring programs to view the system as a "clean-slate", thus assuming the PC has never been updated.

As far as it returning a message stating system restored was disabled it could certainly be originating due to a similar reason, but this is not something that is a known issue.

It appears now that Toolbox is no longer giving you incorrect information if I am understanding you correctly, and we will hope the issue does not reappear.

-Dan R.
As heading its also reporting. on and off, system restore being disabled. It hasn't been as I turned it back on as soon as installing the update. PC Dr did relent and accept for a time it was on but its again saying its turned off.

Mid morning it gave up on both issues and accepted nether were a problem!
PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows / Re: RESET SERIAL NUMBER
« Last post by PCD_Dan on March 10, 2017, 07:32:15 AM »

I'm sorry you are having troubles activating your software.

If you could please submit a support ticket on our website I would be more than happy to assist with your issue.

Please go to

Once there, submit a new support ticket and we will get this all sorted out.

Thank you so much,

Dan R.
PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows / RESET SERIAL NUMBER
« Last post by singha on March 10, 2017, 06:29:43 AM »
Hey i am having trouble activating software on pc

My email is ******

Service Center / Re: Script for SC10.5
« Last post by Raynier on March 10, 2017, 05:25:24 AM »
Yes the appendix is a life saver, I have been using to make a little headway.
Thank you for the logic flow, it is helpful as I am a little new a scripting.

As for the bootable, I figured I would have to do something like like. I am hoping to avoid it for now. I have shifted focus more into windows, at least until I get a solid batch file running.

That being said if anyone come across anymore information (Windows or Bootable) that is useful or could make the process easier please post!

Thank you for all your help!  :)

Service Center / Re: Script for SC10.5
« Last post by PCD_James on March 09, 2017, 12:30:30 PM »
There is info on pages 37-38 of the user guide on command line usage. Using this  I was quickly able to write a batch file to automate the process and accomplish your objective with the following logic flow:
1.Find Drive Letter assigned to Service Center MUD
2.Determine OS architecture(32 or 64)
3.Change into either bin or bin 64 directory on the MUD depending on the architecture
4.Run service Center system script and save report to MUD then exit
5.Copy report to new location

The trouble is that if this is being done in the bootable mode you will have to modify the boot options to load a custom linux shell script when the bootable OS launches that mounts your network drive and then executes the previously listed logic in linux commands.

It is doable, however I would need some time to work through this myself as I was unable to find any references or PC-Doctor Engineers who have done this themselves.
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